My new favorite project(s)

I haven’t been updating my website as much lately because I’ve been very busy organizing a reunion of my high school choir, complete with a concert sung by nearly 40 years-worth of alumni!

My other recent musical adventure involves the formation of Inversion Ensemble, a brand new choral group that showcases brand new choral music. We especially focus on the works of local Austinites, including Yours Truly!

Check out the website for Inversion Ensemble here:

Update 8/17: The reunion was an unqualified success! A choir of nearly 160 alumni gave a concert of old favorites to a crowd of nearly 600. The lesson I learned was “Always ask for help from people who GET THINGS DONE.” I really hit the jackpot with my team of organizers. Additionally, I’m still, over a month later, overwhelmed by the realization that I received an incredible music education from great teachers all through my public schooling. I suppose I knew that already, but seeing the effect it had on so many people, and in such a tangible way, is something I’ll hold dear forever.

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