Thanks for checking out my website!  I hope you will listen to some of the music I’ve written (in the embedded videos below). After that, you can check out my choral publisher’s website, www.seeadot.com, or delve into my snarky blog posts.

“Three Texas Vignettes” (2016), written for my good friend, violist Ethan Rouse and a string orchestra from the University of North Texas. The three movements depict scenes common to my home of Central Texas: driving an old pickup through the Hill Country, walking through bluebonnets, and quickly escaping from swarms of grackles in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

“A Dream” (2007) – the first movement from my “Three Poems of William Blake”.


“Alleluia” (2006) – This goes (mostly) between C Lydian and B-flat Lydian.  I think it’s the first thing I wrote that really sounds like me.


“Ruth’s Promise” (2010) – I recorded this one part at a time.  I recorded myself singing as many parts as I could and had my friends sing over them. When all the parts had been overdubbed, I removed all my original tracks, except for the tenor lines.


“(570)” is a two-movement piece I wrote as a Christmas present for my parents in 2014.